I’ll Raise You A Braid

Perhaps this is just me, but I feel like every doctor I have ever spoken to regarding my hair loss looks at me as if I am just being vain. It is usually shrugged off as nonlife-threatening and therefore not nearly as important as if I actually am sticking to three glasses of wine per … Continue reading I’ll Raise You A Braid

Determined To Love My Hair Again

Do you remember being 15 years old? All knowing, all attitude, all the time. At least, I was. Oddly enough, I was also suffering from hair loss. It had started about the time I hit puberty (12 years old or so) but that it wasn’t until I hit around 15 that I had to take the first steps to start concealing it. The pediatrician told us that it was just due to the new hormones and should balance itself out. It didn’t.