I’ll Raise You A Braid

Perhaps this is just me, but I feel like every doctor I have ever spoken to regarding my hair loss looks at me as if I am just being vain. It is usually shrugged off as nonlife-threatening and therefore not nearly as important as if I actually am sticking to three glasses of wine per week or within my healthy weight range. Also, does that cigarette I smoked at the last party now make me a smoker? Do I really need to check that box?

Why in the world would this be considered vanity? I know that the media is under attack for feeding the masses an image of perfection which is mostly unattainable. Wouldn’t this fall under that great big umbrella? Have you seen any actresses with thinning hair? I can name several actors, who sport the bald and sexy look but where are the women? I’m not faulting any of the actresses. I would gladly take gorgeous locks of hair over trying to powder my roots so that my scalp doesn’t sweat and become shiny in the desert heat, so there is no animosity towards these women. I am genuinely curious.

The more research I do, the more I find that there are tons of women who suffer from hair loss. Rogaine for Women, Nioxin, and a plethora of magic mixtures are plastered all over Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, Google, and all the other virtual watering holes. Supply and demand is a real thing, so with all the supplies out there, there has to be one hell of a demand. Some products really do work for some women but the chemicals in them are kind of scary. That didn’t stop me from using them, so maybe vanity really is a factor.

Conceivably, like men, we could change our own outlook on the topic. If Bruce Willis can be the jumping off comparison for men, maybe we need a bald and beautiful babe to pave the way. I’m not talking about Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta bald, I am talking about actual thinning hair. In fact, Natalie Portman was quoted as saying “I was really excited to get to shave my head – it’s something I’d wanted to do for a while and now I had a good excuse. It was nice to shed that level of vanity.” Well, Natalie, I hear that and applaud it. However, you can have my patches of shiny scalp and I will embrace your ability to put your hair in a braid without having to tease the areas near the scalp so it covers all the exposed skin.

Natalie Caption


“A brushstroke of vanity is good to add into the mix, to balance your timidity. We’re all blessed with a lot of timidity and a lot of worry and anxiety, and vanity is a good antidote.” Mel Brooks

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