Determined To Love My Hair Again

Do you remember being 15 years old? All knowing, all attitude, all the time. At least, I was. Oddly enough, I was also suffering from hair loss. It had started about the time I hit puberty (12 years old or so) but that it wasn’t until I hit around 15 that I had to take the first steps to start concealing it. The pediatrician told us that it was just due to the new hormones and should balance itself out. It didn’t. It got worse over the years until I could no longer hide it. It was embarrassing and awful. I tried all the products I could find on the market, most had warning labels longer than the list of ingredients and none of them worked for me. I even talked about a hair transplant. Unfortunately, in order to have a successful transplant, you can’t have thinning hair all over. After all, they need a good place to transplant from. Every time I went to get my hair done at a salon, I had to have the same conversation over again: Yes, I know it’s thinning. Yes, I’ve seen a doctor. No, they don’t know why. Yes, I’ve tried that product. No, it didn’t work. Yes, I watch my diet and take supplements. No, it hasn’t helped. It had hit a point where I no longer got my hair cut professionally. Sorry to all the hair stylists that read that and cringed.

It was just about a year ago when I saw a doctor that decided to do a full panel of blood work. A FULL PANEL. He even made sure that the costs would be covered even if my insurance refused. It was due to his hard work and slightly obsessive thoroughness that it was discovered that I have a straight-chain amino acid disorder which keeps my body from absorbing a certain strain of protein. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to fix this, but I can help manage it. I did find a product that helps in my situation but this blog isn’t about products, it is about knowing that other people are having trouble with their hair and how much it affects our self-image.

A lot of the posts will be about my personal struggle with hair-loss but will also touch on other types of hair. For example, my oldest son is learning to deal with and embrace his natural hair (He has a mixture of African-American hair) and my husband, who has pushed me so hard to embrace and love my own hair, is now taking his own good advice. So here we go, the first step in my own adventures in hair care.

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.’
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit

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